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S2. Optical Waveguides and Communications

Optical Waveguides and Communications V
Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023  16:00-17:00
Presider: Prof. Chin-Ping Yu (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan) Prof. Nai-Hsiang Sun (I-Shou University, Taiwan)
Room: 92171 (1F)
16:00 - 16:15
Manuscript ID.  0340
Paper No.  2023-SAT-S0205-O001
Shu-Jui Hsu The Impact of Mesa Size Scaling on Heterojunction Bipolar Light-Emitting Transistor in Optoelectronic Logic Gate Applications
Shu-Jui Hsu, Sheng-Wen Cheng, Shu-Yun Ho, Pin-Chia Li, Mukul Kumar, Chao-Hsin Wu, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

We present a NAND gate implemented with heterojunction bipolar light-emitting transistors (LETs), accompanied by an extensive investigation into the impact of device size scaling. The incorporation of the NAND gate significantly enhances the functionality of the LET Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit (OEIC) system, leading to an impressive rise time of 55 ns and a fall time of 69 ns.

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16:15 - 16:30
Manuscript ID.  0776
Paper No.  2023-SAT-S0205-O002
Zhong-En Zheng Integration of optical III-V and Si waveguides based on SiC Wafer
Lu-Kuan Du, Yang-Jeng Chen, Chen-Yu Yeh, Yi-Jen Chiu, Zhong-En Zheng, National Sun Yat-Sen University. (Taiwan)

A novel double wafer-bonding technique has been demonstrated for hybrid III-V/Si/SiC photonic integration. As low as 4% optical mode confinement difference, electro-luminance with strong band-edge photocurrent spectrum were found, suggesting hybrid IIIV/Si waveguide can be used in Si photonics based on high-thermal conductivity of SiC.

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16:30 - 16:45
Manuscript ID.  0254
Paper No.  2023-SAT-S0205-O003
Chih-Hsien Chen Free-spectral-range insensitive cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometers on silicon-on-insulator for 16-channel continuous-wave wavelength division multiplexing
Chih-Hsien Chen, Yung-Jr Hung, National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan)

We demonstrate a free-spectral-range insensitive Mach-Zehnder interferometer design for wavelength multiplexing sixteen CW-WDM channels with deviation of < 50 pm to the wavelength grids, an averaged insertion loss of -2 dB, and an optical crosstalk of < -13 dB.

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16:45 - 17:00
Manuscript ID.  0621
Paper No.  2023-SAT-S0205-O004
Thuy Trinh Integrated Microelectromechanical-System Optical Probes for Diagnosing Phase Errors of Programmable Photonic Integrated Circuits
Thuy Trinh, Ming-Chang Lee, The Anh Nguyen, Bo-Xian Ko, Kuo-Wei Lee, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

We present a scheme of using microelectromechanical-system optical probes in combination with an image analysis method to dynamically monitor the waveguide power of Mach-Zehnder interferometers based programmable photonic integrated circuits.

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