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S2. Optical Waveguides and Communications

Poster Session I
Friday, Dec. 1, 2023  13:30-16:30
Room: Building of Electrical Engineering (電機系館) (B1)
Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0015
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P001
Yan-Zhen Xu Fiber-FSO-5G NR Wireless Converged Systems-Based 3D Floating Museum
Yan-Zhen Xu, Jia-Lian Jin, Tsai-Man Wu, Chih-Hong Lin, Wei-Xiang Chen, Hai-Han Lu, National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)

Fiber-FSO-5G NR wireless converged systems feature high-speed and long-distance transmissions. Fiber-FSO-5G NR wireless converged systems-based 3D floating museum transmits a large amount of high-definition cultural relic data. A lifelike presentation is presented to the viewers.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0018
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P002
Jia-Lian Jin Fiber-FSO-5G NR/6G Hybrid Systems
Jia-Lian Jin, Wei-Xiang Chen, Tsai-Man Wu, Yan-Zhen Xu, Chih-Hong Lin, Hai-Han Lu, National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan)

Transmission sub-THz/THz signals over fiber-FSO-5G NR/6G hybrid systems are successfully realized. It is a promising system that utilizes multiple media to achieve a 227.912-Gb/s record-high aggregate net bit rate. The development of fiber-FSO-5G NR/6G hybrid system represents a substantial development in the field of advanced communications.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0749
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P003
Tzu-I Hsieh Lateral-Current-Injection III-V/SOI Electroabsorption Modulator with High-Modulation Efficiency by Selective Undercut Wet Etching
Tzu-I Hsieh, Wei-Chen Lin, Rih-You Chen, Yang-Jeng Chen, Wen-Kuan Hsu, Jyun-Ye Chu, Bo-Hong Chen, Yi-Hsin Fang, Chen-Yu Weng, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan); Wei Lin, LandMark Optoelectronics Corporation (Taiwan); Yi-Jen Chiu, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan)

A lateral-current-injection (LCI) electro-absorption modulator (EAM) based on a novel fabrication step, has been demonstrated in this work. By selective undercut wet etching (SUWE) of InGaAsP active region, LCI structure can be realized to allow thin caped cladding layer of EAM waveguide, enhancing optical mode confinement. High optical modulation efficiency of over 18 dB at -3V has been shown, along with a large operational bandwidth.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0784
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P004
Yin-He Jian Experimental Demonstration of Efficiency Enhanced Delta-Sigma Modulator (DSM) for Mobile Front-Haul
Yin-He Jian, Tzu-Chieh Wei, Chi-Wai Chow, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Taiwan); Chien-Hung Yeh, Feng Chia University (Taiwan)

We propose and experimentally demonstrate an efficiency enhanced 2-bit delta-sigma modulator (DSM) using multi-stage-noise-shaping (MASH) structure. Record efficiencies of 1.025 and 1.15 at hard-decision and soft-decision pre-forward-error-correction criteria are achieved when compared with other DSMs.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0878
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P005
Zheng-Xiang Liao High-Q ring resonators with low-confined silicon nitride waveguides
Zheng-Xiang Liao, Chin-Wei Lin, Pei-Hsun Wang, NCU (Taiwan)

We demonstrate low-confined silicon nitride waveguide resonators with a high intrinsic quality (Q) factor of 4.7×10⁵ and a propagation loss of 0.57 dB/cm at 1550 nm. This high-Q device, fabricated by mass-productive and cost-effective I-line (365nm) stepper lithography, can be tuned using an integrated heater.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0713
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P006
Kai-Hong Lo Demonstration of a non-invasive optoelectronic probe for monitoring the phase information of a tunable 2-by-2 Mach-Zehnder interferometer in Si photonic circuits
Kai-Hong Lo, Bo-Xian Ke, Ming-Chang Lee, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

An integrated non-invasive optoelectronic optical probe is presented for real-time monitoring the phase information of a tunable 2×2 Mach-Zehnder-interferometer (MZI) beam splitter. This optoelectronic optical probe can be monolithically integrated into the MZI-based programmable photonic integrated circuit for phase error pre-calibration.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0447
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P007
Jia-En Chen Room-temperature sputtered GaN waveguide resonators for photonic applications
Jia-En Chen, Shih-Hsin Wu, Zhi-Guang Chen, Hung-Sheng Liu, Sheng-Hui Chen, Pei-Hsun Wang, NCU (Taiwan)

In this work, we fabricate amorphous gallium nitride (GaN) microring resonators on a silicon-based substrate using high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) for GaN thin-film deposition. HiPIMS enables direct deposition of high-quality, flat GaN films onto the silicon substrate with a 4 µm buried oxide layer at room temperature. Microring resonators with a 0.2 µm gap achieve critical coupling and a high extinction ratio of ≈ 24 dB. The microring exhibits a high intrinsic quality factor of up to 3×104. This work opens possibilities for cost-effective GaN waveguides on amorphous substrates, facilitating integration in optical communication, nonlinear, and quantum photonics applications.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0428
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P008
Yu-Tong Lee Earth rotation measurement using silicon photonics enabled fiber optic gyroscope
Yu-Tong Lee, Yen-Chieh Wang, Yung-Jr Hung, National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan)

We applied silicon photonics enabled fiber optic gyroscope for Earth rate characterization. The measured rate of north-south orientation is about 13.87±0.5 deg/hr, while near-zero output rate is observed for west-east orientation. Those values are very close to the actual Earth rotation rate.

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Manuscript ID.  0219
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P009
Jui-Hung Chen Particle Swarm Optimized Silicon Polarization Beam Splitter based on Subwavelength Grating Waveguide
Jui-Hung Chen, Shuo-Yen Tseng, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)

In this work, we propose a polarization beam splitter (PBS) based on a subwavelength grating (SWG) structure with a compact length of only 10.3 μm. The perfect phase matching condition can be achieved in the TM mode, while a significant phase mismatch is observed in the TE mode. Optimization of the PBS is performed using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to enhance the Extinction Ratio (ER) of both TE and TM modes.

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Manuscript ID.  0629
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P010
Kai-Hung Lo High-Efficiency Si3N4-Si Waveguide Mode Converters for Si Photodetectors Operating at 1030 nm Wavelength
Tung-Hung Su, Kai-Hung Lo, Ming-Chang Lee, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

A high-efficient Si3N4-Si waveguide mode converter is designed to implement a high-responsivity Si photodetector at the 1030 nm wavelength band. With an optimal design on the mode converter structure, the length of the mode converter is only 6 m long and the conversion loss is 0.49 dB.

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Manuscript ID.  0810
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P011
Ika Novitasari Device Structure for Hybrid Integration of Active III-V Materials on Standard SOI Photonic Platform
Ika Novitasari, San-Liang Lee, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

We investigate the feasibility of hybrid active III-V on an SOI platform with a standard 220 nm Si rib waveguide. The bonding interface thickness is optimized to obtain high coupling, and a tapering structure is used to bridge the III-V active section to the passive III-V coupling section. A high coupling efficiency of 97.15% successfully could be achieved at 1550 nm wavelength. The high coupling performance over 90% for over the 150 nm wavelength range has been achieved with good phase matching and mode matching conditions between the super-modes of the hybrid structure.

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Manuscript ID.  0334
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P012
Shih-Chi Kao Characterization of a Gas-Filled Capillary Waveguide Coupled with Ultrafast Laser Pulses
Shih-Chi Kao, Jia-Wen Gu, Jian-He Lin, Kai-Xiang Li, National Central University (Taiwan); Hsu-Hsin Chu, National Central University (Taiwan), Center for High Energy and High Field Physics (Taiwan)

An assembly of gas-filled capillary waveguide is developed for the research of laser-plasma interaction. The performance is evaluated in situ by using 800-nm intense femtosecond pulses. Beam quality is maintained under the conditions of laser intensity up to 1×10^16 W/cm^2 and gas density up to 2 × 10^19 cm^−3.

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Manuscript ID.  0714
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P013
Ting-Hao Wang Background Interference Mitigation for Visible Light Communication (VLC) Using Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation (CAP)
Ting-Hao Wang, Yu-Ting Cheng, Cing-Yun Li, Jiun-Yu Sung, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Visible light communication (VLC) has great potential for offloading the radio traffic of the wireless systems. The performance of the VLC signals is sensitive to the background illumination interference due to the spectrum overlap. The carrierless amplitude phase modulation (CAP) signal features band-pass spectrum; hence is more tolerable to the relatively slow background interference. In our simulation, we show that the 4-CAP signal can attain bit error rate (BER) <10^-9 while the operation Vpp is ~60% of the LED’s maximum specified level; and at the criterion for BER=10^-3, it requires merely ~30% operation Vpp of the on-off keying (OOK) signal.

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Manuscript ID.  0208
Paper No.  2023-FRI-P0201-P014
Lan-Yin Chen Self-Healing Integrated Fiber-FSOC WDM Access Network with Fault Protection
Lan-Yin Chen, Yu-Ting Lai, Chun-Yen Lin, Kuan-Ming Cheng, Deng-Yao Yang, Ching-Hsuan Hsu, Chien-Hung Yeh, Feng Chia University (Taiwan); Chi-Wai Chow, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

We present and design a blended WDM-PON construction to deliver both baseband and fiber-free space optical communication (FSOC) signals by using dual wavelength bands in an available bandwidth. Here, we can use some additional components in the optical line termination (OLT) and optical network unit (ONU)/optical wireless network (OWU) to produce a self-protected operation in the proposed fiber-FSO WDM network against fiber breakage.

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